Lip Reshaping

Lip Reshaping in Newport Beach

Aging can cause significant changes to the lips including thinning, loss of volume, and fine wrinkles. Full lips are considered a sign of good health and youth. A long upper lip is a common complaint among patient seeking lip rejuvenation as this can also hide the teeth when smiling. There are a number of surgical and non-surgical options when it comes to lip enhancement including fillers, fat grafting, lip lift, and lip advancement.

Dr. Razfar is a board certified facial plastic surgeon that specializes in minimally invasive and surgical  lip rejuvenation in Newport Beach. He is an expert in creating natural and beautiful lip augmentation results.

Newport Beach Lip Lift

A common sign of aging is elongation of the philtrum, which is the groove in the skin portion of the upper lip. The upper lip lift or subnasal lip lift is a procedure that shortens the upper lip by removing extra skin underneath the nose.  The incisions are placed under the nose and are nearly imperceptible once completely healed.

When there is drooping of the corners of the mouth, a modified lip lift can enhance this area and give a refreshed look. . In a corner of the mouth lift, small incisions are made at the corner of the lip border removing excess skin. Non-surgical options for downward turning of the mouth including soft tissue fillers or Botox.

Aging and sun damage will result in fine wrinkles and folds surrounding the lip. These can be corrected with a number of techniques including fillers, laser resurfacing, and dermabrasion. After a thorough consultation, Dr. Razfar will determine what treatment is best for you based on your desired goals.