Hispanic Rhinoplasty

Hispanic Rhinoplasty in Newport Beach

A type of nose reshaping surgery performed on patients with Hispanic or Latino heritage. Dr. Razfar is a Board Certified Facial Plastic Surgeon that specializes in Hispanic (Latino) rhinoplasty in Newport Beach, CA. Training and practicing in Southern California, Dr. Razfar has extensive experience with Hispanic Rhinoplasty.

The Hispanic nose is diverse but can be divided into three broad nose types. The Mestizo nose is characterized by a low bridge, wide nostrils, thick skin, and weak tip cartilages. The Castilian nose is similar to the Caucasian nose with a high bridge and poor tip definition. The Mexican-American is generally a combination of high or normal bridge, wide nostrils, droopy tip, and weak tip cartilages.

Hispanic rhinoplasty requires knowledge of advanced rhinoplasty techniques that can produce beautiful results while maintaining your ethnic identity. Dr. Razfar’s goal is to understand your goal for surgery and create a customized plan that can produce naturally appearing results.

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