Botox in Newport Beach

Botulinum Toxin (Botox ®) is an FDA approved treatment for facial wrinkles. It works by blocking nerve signals preventing muscles from contracting. Repetitive movement of facial muscles is a major cause of facial lines and wrinkles. This cosmetic injection is the mainstay treatment for these dynamic wrinkles where facial expressions are most active.

Dr. Razfar is a double board certified facial plastic surgeon with expertise in delivering natural and beautiful Botox results.

What is Botox ® used for?
  • Fine lines around the eyes known as “crow’s feet” or “smile lines.”
  • Frown lines between the eye brows
  • Tiny creases around the nose known as bunny lines
  • Horizontal forehead creases
  • Facial asymmetry
  • Migraine headaches
Things to know before receiving Botox®
  • Blood thinners should be avoided 1 week prior to treatment. These include aspirin and NSAIDs such as Motrin, Advil, and Ibuprofen. Other medications that should be avoided as well including Ginko Bilboa, Ginseng, Ginger, Fish Oil, Vitamin E, and St. John’s Wart.
  • Patients who are pregnant or breastfeeding should not receive Botox.
Dysport® in Newport Beach

Dysport® is a type of botulinum toxin similar to Botox® used for the treatment of severe facial wrinkles. Dysport® does have a few differences when compared to Botox®. Dysport® does have a larger area of action and can be advantageous in certain areas of the face. Dysport® also has a quicker onset of action when compared to Botox®. Call our office today to schedule a consultation with Dr. Razfar to see if Dysport® is right for you.

Frequently Asked Questions

After a complete evaluation and discussion, Newport Beach Botox® SpecialistDr. Razfar will formulate a unique treatment plan for you.Sites that will be injected will be cleansed and treated with a numbing cream to help reduce discomfort. Overall, the procedure will cause minimal discomfort Small amounts of Botox are then injected beneath the skin.

Botox ® generally takes 3-5 days to take complete effect. It will be difficult to contract muscles in the area injected, although some movement may be possible. Some swelling and redness can occur after the procedure.

These results will generally last up to 4 months and in some cases, up to 6 months. Repeated treatments are necessary to prevent worsening of wrinkles.

The risk of complication after Botox ® treatment is very low in the hands of a trained injector. Some of the side effects result from over injection or migration of Botox to nearby areas. These include:

  • Swelling and bruising at the site of injection
  • Sagging of the eyebrow or eyelid than can last a few weeks
  • In very rare instances, patients may have dizziness, headache, and nausea
  • Systemic complications are exceedingly rare at doses used