Persian and Middle Eastern Rhinoplasty

Persian & Middle Eastern Rhinoplasty in Newport Beach

Persian (Iranian) Rhinoplasty, and more broadly Middle Eastern Rhinoplasty, is one of the most common types of cosmetic nose surgeries performed. Iran is commonly known as the nose job capital of the world with seven times more rhinoplasties performed when compared to the United States. Rhinoplasty has become a major part of Persian culture with an increased emphasis on facial beauty. Dr. Razfar is a Persian Rhinoplasty expert in Newport Beach, CA. and has trained with the top Persian Rhinoplasty experts in the world.

The Persian nose has some common characteristics including a bulbous and droopy tip, large dorsal hump, and an overall large nose. In many Persian patients, the skin is particularly thick and is an important consideration when discussing outcomes that can be achieved. In addition to unique anatomic features, Persian patients have a variety of opinions on what constitutes a good “nose job.” More commonly, patients wish to have a naturally appearing “cute nose.” Some patients prefer to have a dramatic change and want the cutest nose possible.

In general, most patients wish to have a smaller nose, an elegant bridge, and an upward rotation of their tip. Dr. Razfar has extensive Persian and Middle Eastern Rhinoplasty experience and will develop a customized surgical plan to productive naturally beautiful results. During your Persian Rhinoplasty consultation, he will have an extensive discussion with you to fully understand your rhinoplasty goals and describe realistic expectations after surgery.

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